How to Tune Diesel Engine Performance

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tune diesel engine

Getting more performance tuning near me from your diesel engine can be a simple and cost effective way to transform the driving experience. Diesel engines in modern cars, vans and trucks aren’t optimised to perform to their full potential and can often feel sluggish or lack the mid-range “thump” that many drivers want. With the help of a qualified Diesel specialist and quality performance parts, you can unlock unused power that will make your vehicle more exciting to drive.

The most cost effective tuning mod for diesels is to remap the ECU (engine control unit). Reprogramming the software will allow the engine to operate more efficiently with higher torque and horsepower. The results are more power, better fuel economy and less stress on the engine components.

Revving Up Power: The Benefits of Diesel Performance Tuning

It is important that you look for experts who prioritise Torque & Engine Efficiency rather than just Horsepower. Those who only care about delivering higher peak power may end up negating the overall drivability and reliability of your vehicle.

Other modifications include adding a larger turbo, increasing camshaft lift and changing the air intake and exhaust systems. These will increase power output but it is also recommended to treat the fuel tank with a continuous tune-up product, as even premium diesel gets degraded during transportation. This will maintain the cetane level, minimize deposits and clean the injectors to maximize power.

Finally the removal of DPF / EGR and associated software changes will improve air flow to the engine which in turn will maximize the power that can be generated. However, please remember that too much power can cause your diesel to burn oil and create excess black smoke.

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