How to Repair a Sprinkler Line

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Affordable sprinkler repair in Bakersfield is a great way to have a lush lawn, but the pipes that feed them can become damaged from severe weather or even just normal wear and tear. Fortunately, the buried sprinkler pipes are usually made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are fairly easy to repair if you know what steps to take.

Before doing any work on the sprinkler line, make sure the system is turned off at the backflow valve and any other valves that control it. Then locate the leak or break in your sprinkler pipe. If you have a map of the irrigation lines, this will be relatively straightforward; if not, then you’ll need to trace the water line and dig around it to find the broken section.

Underground Salvage: A DIY Guide on How to Repair a Sprinkler Line Like a Pro

Once you find the broken pipe, mark it with a flag or other visible marker. This will help you avoid accidentally damaging the buried line or creating a new leak somewhere else in your irrigation system.

Using a PVC cutter, cut off a 4-inch section of the broken sprinkler line near the leaking or break area. Make sure the cut is straight and that you have enough length to attach a new section of pipe to it.

Next, use a telescopic repair coupling to extend between the two severed ends of the sprinkler pipe. This will make it easier to get the new section of pipe in place. Once the coupling is extended, apply PVC solvent to both the cut pipe and the inside end of the coupling and then press it into place. Let the solvent dry for a minute before continuing.

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