How to Get Into Sports Broadcasting

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Whether it’s on TV, radio, or online, sports broadcasting has become an integral part of the American culture. Fans rely on it for news and analysis about their favorite teams and players, and professional athletes reach celebrity-like levels of fame that attract sponsors and endorsements.

The career of a Royaltv announcer requires specific skills that can only be developed with the right kind of training and experience. To begin with, a great voice is critical. In addition, sports announcers need to be able to provide commentary and insight into the games that they cover, and also be able to banter with their on-air colleagues.

Many colleges that offer journalism and communications programs have excellent programs geared towards preparing students for careers in broadcasting and sports reporting. For example, Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications has graduated some of the most famous broadcasters in history.

Other institutions with top-notch journalism and sports broadcasting programs include USC’s Annenberg School of Communication, Northwestern University, and Missouri. Students in these programs learn how to use the latest broadcasting technologies, such as satellite and webcasting.

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Once a person has finished their undergraduate education, finding a job in the industry is often a matter of knowing people and having the right demo reel. A demo reel is a media package that showcases the best work that a student has done during their studies, either through coursework, on-campus radio or television experience, or internships. It is then submitted to potential employers, along with a resume.

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