Guide to Edibles – Dosing, Tips & More

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guide to edibles

Guide to edibles can be a great way to experience cannabis without the negative aspects of smoking. They can also be a great choice for first-time users who aren’t sure how to take their medicine.

Guide to Edibles: Dosing, Tips & More

The best way to get the most out of edibles is to learn how to dose them correctly. Dosing a high dose of cannabis can be dangerous, so beginners should stick to products with a lower dosage.

Typically, you’ll want to start by taking small amounts and then increasing them over time until you feel the desired effects. For example, if you’re using a 5 mg edible and the effects aren’t quite strong enough, try taking two of the same product for an increased dose.

The Beginner’s Guide to Edibles: How to Enjoy Cannabis-Infused Treats Safely and Responsibly

While edibles can be taken on an empty stomach, most experts recommend waiting at least a few hours before eating or drinking anything else. This gives the cannabis time to metabolize before it circulates in your bloodstream.

If you do decide to eat, make sure to consume plenty of water to avoid dehydration. This will help your body absorb the cannabinoids and reduce the risk of negative side effects, like nausea or vomiting.

For best results, it’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol when you’re eating an edible. This can increase the concentration of THC in your bloodstream, resulting in unwanted effects.

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