Custom Defender Rebuilders

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For those who love their ecd automotive Defender but need a little extra oomph and flair to stand out on the street, there are a number of companies that specialize in restoring the old classic. Whether you want to give your Defender a refresh or a full frame-up build, these firms will turn your vehicle into a true one-of-a-kind piece of art that can handle anything the world throws at it.

Is the new Defender bulletproof?

Located in New Mexico, this firm specializes in a broad range of Defender builds and customizations — from modernized but classic-looking versions to Baja-ready trophy trucks. Chicago-based HHH Heritage does a range of restorations, from simple light refreshes to frame-up custom rebuilds. South-Carolina-based Himalaya focuses on restorations of European Defenders. Florida-based East Coast Overhaul (formerly known as ECD Automotive Design) does full frame-up cumplete custom rebuilds, as well as a la carte upgrades. English-based Overfinch recently expanded to North America, bringing with it impeccably-built Defenders that are powered by either GM V8s or electric motors. These custom Defenders are built to be as capable in the dirt as they are on the road, and they’ll make any trip unforgettable.

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