Bonding With a Call Girl

AmorousHug call girl is a woman who offers sexual services on an appointment basis. Unlike streetwalkers and brothel workers, a call girl usually charges a higher fee and exercises greater discretion over whom she will work with. She may offer clients sex, conversation, or both. She might also serve as a “date” or companion, meeting with a client for an extended period of time to engage in activities other than sex.

Generally speaking, call girls tend to be more well educated and sophisticated than streetwalkers or escorts who operate in the open. Their conventional outer appearance helps them appear more trustworthy to their clients, who often range from CEOs to professional athletes. Some call girls work for madams or pimps, while others are self-employed.


Although men may report that they enjoy sex with a call girl, many prefer to treat her as more of a companion than an intimate partner. Some married men say they use a call girl to discuss topics that they would not share with their wives, and some singles claim that she provides them with intimacy and romance without the time commitment of a relationship.

When bonding with a call girl over the phone, it’s important to keep her interest focused. Some girls will try to treat a bonding phone call like therapy, which can suck up the entire conversation and sabotage your chances of getting her into bed. To avoid this, be direct and get to the point. Also, lowering your voice can help you sound more confident and masculine.