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The Western Australian Weather Group is a group of Weather Enthusiasts who share a passion for the weather. Our member’s interest in the weather is as varied as the backgrounds that they all have and can be that they want to follow what the weather is doing so they know when the best time to go out and take photos of storms is or they may even track the weather from there own personal weather station.

To be a member of the WA Weather Group all you have to do is sign up to the online forum. There is no fee to do so and you are under no obligation to participate in the forum. If you want to get involved in the discussions though you are more than welcome to do so and your contribution is welcome regardless of your level of weather knowledge. We also meet up about every 2 months or so for a bbq, a lunch at a pub or a bbq at a members place, for more information of these keep watching this section of the forum.