What is Kangen Water?

SnB Kangen Water is an antioxidant alkaline water, which helps maintain health and well being. It’s also a great cleaner, removing stains from clothes and dirt from surfaces.

Kangen machines can produce five different types of ionized alkaline waters. They are ideal for drinking, cleaning, and cooking. These water machines come in various sizes and prices.

The machines are connected to your cold water line. In the machine, the water passes over charged plates. These plates separate the water molecules from carbonate and minerals. Once the water molecules have been separated, the machine creates two streams of water.

The Environmental Benefits of Concrete Water Filtration

While the Enagic machines do filter out contaminants, they do not reduce the amount of heavy metals and salt found in your tap water. If you are looking for an all-natural water treatment, a Kangen machine is not the way to go.

Enagic makes many claims about their Kangen water, but they do not have any medical evidence to back them up. That doesn’t mean the company is lying, but it does mean that the claims are unsubstantiated.

As far as the claims that the company’s product can cure cancer, the FDA has rejected this claim. However, the Kangen philosophy does promote a healthy body and mind.

Another claim that is made is that the water can help with weight loss. This is false. Unless you are on a strict ketogenic diet, it is unlikely that you will lose weight by drinking Kangen water.