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Storm Chase - 16th December 2007 - Korda/Dalwallinu

Tom and I started by heading out towards Southern Cross, but after traveling all the way to Cundernin with nothing but low cloud and drizzle (very wintery!) we thought, we really need to get some clear sky, so we abandoned going to SC and headed North towards Wyalkatchem where we met up with Paul. There we managed to get a look at the radar and sat pics thanks to a very nice lady at the servo there who let us use the net (if your ever in Wyaly get fuel from the ampol in town, they rock!! ). Seeing that there was clear skies to the north and storms around Dallwallinu and some developing further north we decided to head towards Dally.

After getting to Koorda we started hitting very heavy rain and not long after leaving encountered some even heavier rain and what would be our first of many 'river crossings' where the runoff from the paddocks causes a torrent of water to run across the road. After passing through this we soon released we inadvertantly practically core punched a severe storm, we could see a green tinge just to our east which we thankfully just missed. Heading further North towards Kalanie we finally got out of the cloud and we treated to some awesome mamamatus.

Reaching the clear air meant we could see some storms developing near Dally so we headed that way, after passing another dozen or so river crossings including 1 which had a dead sheep washed onto the road! we soon realised the cell near Dally was also severe with what would have to be the best Mamamatus display I had ever seen, stretching from almost west horizon to east horizon! We could also see some very suss looking lowering from the base of what appeared to be 2 or 3 storms around the Dally area and a few times spotted what looked like funnel clouds dropping from the base. A rather intensive gust front soon developed to our North and we decided to head towards Dally itself so we had the option of travelling south to keep ahead of the storm. Just south of Dally we were treated to an awesome display from what appeared to be a weakly rotating supercell with an amazing wall cloud! we soon had to travell south to avoid the rain and after outrunning the rain it seems the storm died rather quickly or was wrapped in rain as we could no longer see the base features at all.

After this we were near the town of Miling and saw that the storms near Dally were dying very quickly so after observing some nice structure over Moora we decided to head towards that, since we hadnt corepunched a storm for a few hours we decided to go through the guts of this one to see if there was more development to the west (this cell got to red on the radar apparently and the rain was very intense!). Though after getting to Moora we soon realised that was the last of the storms for the day in that area and decided to leave Paul to try and get some night lightning and sunset shots and Tom and I headed back to perth.

All in all an awesome day and despite the bad start with the low cloud managed to score some awesome storms and amazing flooding. The only dissapointment was not getting that much lightning or any hail, but we saw pretty much everything else so we can't complain.

Here are the better of the photos:
Image 1
suspected supercell about 10km to the SW of Dally

Image 2
Storms to the West of Dally

Image 4
Storm to the NW of Korda

Image 3
One of the many flooded road crossings, this one was just after we got out the back end of the Koorda storm.

the rest of my pics can be found here...


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