Cold over east..

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Cold over east..

Postby Lert » Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:29 am

Pretty average weather up on Mt. Ginini today (and yesterday for that matter) ... 5925.shtml
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Re: Cold over east..

Postby silvercloud » Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:16 pm

Yeah a lil nippy hey.

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Re: Cold over east..

Postby @weather_wa » Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:25 pm

Snow reported in SA, as rain drenches wide area: ... area/21939

Friday June 22, 2012

Many southern areas of South Australia have had a drenching for two days and mid-north locals said they thought there had been snow.

Adelaide has recorded more than 60mm of rain and locations in the hills have had even more, including more than 100mm at Belair.

There have been significant falls in areas including the mid-north, but little or no rain in the Riverland or in outback regions of the far north.

Over two days, there has been 53mm recorded at Maitland on Yorke Peninsula and 50mm at Auburn in the Clare Valley.

Authorities said there had been another day of flooding problems around Goolwa, Currency Creek and Langhorne Creek.

'Snow' in mid-north

Locals at Melrose in the mid-north said there appeared to be snow in the area on Friday morning.

They said Mount Remarkable was partly covered and they thought it was the first significant fall there since 1988.

Local Loretta Swain said it was a stunning sight.

"I popped out of the front of the shop here with a coffee in hand and I thought the mountain looked particularly white, a bit unusual and [I was] definitely happy to see a phenomena like this on the mountain, so it's very beautiful," she said.

She estimated there was snow on the top one-third or so of the 960-metre mountain.

"It's not a huge heavy dumping of snow. The snow cloud's sitting there and just drifting across, the rainbows are glistening in the sun there so it's just lovely," she said.

Weather forecasters said current atmospheric conditions were not generally conducive to snowfalls.

Vince Rowlands of the weather bureau said the June rainfall in SA had been the heaviest since 2005.

"A pretty significant event for this time of year, but you know it is winter and we do get frontal systems coming through, it's just this one has produced quite a bit of rainfall," he said.

Emergency crews have been kept busy dealing with pockets of flooding and some roads have been impassable.

There have been some thunderstorms, including across parts of Adelaide.


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Re: Cold over east..

Postby @weather_wa » Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:33 pm

Central Australia's frostiest winter in a decade: ... cade/22106

Brett Dutschke, Thursday July 19, 2012

Much of central Australia is experiencing an unusually frosty winter, the frostiest in more than a decade in some parts and there's much more to come.

Alice Springs has chilled to zero-degrees-or-below 24 times this winter so far, 12 times more than the winter average. This is the highest number since 2002, when there were 36.

Leigh Creek, in South Australia's far north, has dipped to zero-or-below 10 times so far, the most in at least 30 years. This beats the previous winter record of nine, set in 1997.

A similar story can be told for much of the outback due to very dry air and dominant high pressure systems over the region. The highs have been generating mostly clear and calm weather for long periods, allowing it to get cold on many nights and mornings.

A high pressure system looks like being a feature for at east another week, enabling the development of further frosts almost every morning.

This is making life tough for campers and those getting up for work each morning.

With more than 40 nights of winter to go there's a chance that Alice Springs will get close to its record of 44 freezing nights, set in 1976.

- Weatherzone

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Re: Cold over east..

Postby @weather_wa » Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:35 pm

Antarctic blast bringing snow to unusual places: ... aces/22208

Brett Dutschke, Thursday August 9, 2012

A very cold blast of Antarctic air is not just bringing snow to the mountains but also to lower ground, to places that don't get it very often.

On Wednesday night and Thursday morning snow has been falling heavily, as low as 600 metres in Tasmania and as low as about 1100 metres in Victoria and southern New South Wales. The ski resorts have done fairly well with 15-to-30 centimetres.

Snow at this sort of altitude is not unusual but it's about to fall on lower ground.

It is a chance to fall as low as 400 metres in Tasmania, including the higher suburbs of Hobart. In Victoria and southern and central NSW it may fall as low as 700 metres, which includes The Dandenongs and Cooma. Snow this low only occurs a few times each year, on average.

Tonight is the most likely time for snow to fall this low. There may even be a few flurries in towns such as Bright, Dartmouth, Corryong, Khancoban, Orange and Bathurst.

Unfortunately, the further north the cold blast travels, the drier the air will be. By the time it reaches northern NSW and southern Queensland, there will be almost no moisture left for any showers or snowfalls.

The dryness of the air will make the wind feel just that much colder. And it's the wind which will be noticed by most people.
It will be the strongest winds of the year for some places, strong enough to bring down trees, possibly leading to power outages.

The windiest period will be Thursday in Tasmania and Victoria and Friday in New South Wales as a low pressure system intensifies off the east coast. This low is only likely to slowly move east across the Tasman Sea, allowing wind to gradually ease and snow to clear over the weekend.

- Weatherzone

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