Another Storm 101! & extra features (indices etc.)

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Another Storm 101! & extra features (indices etc.)

Postby brayden » Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:09 pm

Hi all,
Indeed there is much info out there about storms, storm types, features etc. I've been looking again into storm development and more so into the indices/model/soundings side of things, esp. for the upcoming trip soon to the U.S. I had been looking for a good site that someone has taken the time to tie in all the info.

I can't remember whether I had post a link to this one earlier but I don't think i have lol. I found it very good to read through and there is links for some of the terms.

The main homepage ( has a field of info on other area's.

Also got onto this case study ... nPage.html, the forecasting supercells page (link in the contents) was informative too.

enjoy the reading and learning :)

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