23rd May, 1994

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23rd May, 1994

Postby wiz » Wed May 20, 2009 1:09 pm

This up coming system reminds me a lot about the May, 1994 event. It's 15th anniversary is on Saturday. We had very dry Autumn that year, similar to this year. Anyone in Perth that year will remember the storm well!

The windstorm was one of the most destructive weather events to affect Perth, with a total damage bill of $37 million (1998 dollars). Several houses were completely unroofed but the majority of property damage was minor, most claims being for fence damage. Downed powerlines, mostly due to fallen trees and branches, caused widespread blackouts, leaving up to one-third of Perth without power at the height of the storm. Two people on a yacht off the coast from Jurien Bay were lost at sea. Huge seas and above normal tides caused significant erosion to beaches. Parts of the Perth river foreshore were also inundated. Swanbourne recorded a maximum gust of 143 km/h, while winds at Fremantle averaged 107 km/h over a 30 minute period.

In more recent times, the event of 23 May 1994 ranks as one of the most significant wind storms experienced in Perth, causing an estimated $37 million damage (1998 dollars). Apart from two houses that were unroofed, most of the damage was of a minor nature such as damage to fences, with the average insurance claim only $700 (McCready and Hanstrum, 1995). The Australian (25 May, 1994) reported that at least 600 homes in Perth had sustained some form of damage. Power outages were so widespread with more than 250,000 buildings affected, that it took almost a week to fully restore power to Perth homes. In addition to affecting businesses and homes, the loss of power affected pumping stations resulting in minor spills of raw sewage into the Swan and Canning rivers from 29 pumping stations (The West Australian, 25 May, 1994). Two people on board a yacht were lost at sea off Jurien, north of Perth. Huge seas and above normal tides caused significant erosion to beaches, while parts of the Perth river foreshore were inundated.

http://www.bom.gov.au/weather/wa/sevwx/ ... cool.shtml

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Re: 23rd May, 1994

Postby Vinny » Wed May 20, 2009 1:13 pm

1994 was also a dry year according to the bom with only around 730mm falling.
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