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Nocky's Favorite Weather Links

Postby nocky » Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:32 am

Didn't know weather to post it in here or over there, but Mod's will sort it.
Well vinny is getting hammered for asking questions :| well I thought I would put my favorite links which help me predict what will happen and maybe help Vin and Others, some I have had for years, some have come from here, we all use them and between 20 or so very active contributors we seem to get a higher percentage of correct outcomes, makes you wonder why BOM doesn't use them, or better still join here and let us do the job for them :lol:
My Favorite (But not Tim and Fu's)
Intellicast 10 day
Bom 4 Day Chart
WA Weather Warnings
Synoptic Loop
Coastal Wind Info by Clicable Map
The not so reliable Radar
Other Australian Radar Locations
Satellite and Radar Combined
BOM Satelitte Loop
Western Satellite With Lightning
2 Day Infra Red in Real Time?
Washington Uni, Track Fronts
Full Disk Images US Navy
Perth 28 Day (not necessarily Elders)
Western Australian Forecasts by Clickable Map
WA's Best Weather Site :mrgreen:
BOM Western Australia
This time of the year I look at a lot of the above links before signing in and putting my 2c worth, with what info I have and the info others post I nut out an outcome and then post my thoughts, come back and read others thoughts and then go outside and do what has to be done because we have all predicted no rain, get drowned half way through a job that can't be stopped :lol:
As posted elsewhere I don't think people ask silly questions only repetitive ones, if you don't ask questions you never learn, weather has been a hobby of mine for at least 15 years and still really know Sweet FA about it, If we all could be 100% correct then we would be sqillionaires :lol: I would say check out the links above and read previous posts related to the topic, then make your point or prediction, are you a clown if your prediction is wrong? well if yes I certainly have been a clown many times, so have BOM and WZ and just about every weather bureau in the world.
As for using the 512km radar to see the front coming (a post elsewhere in the forum), for those who don't know, the 512 radar is a composite of the Albany, Perth & Geraldton 128km radars even though the centre of the image goes back to Perth, it doesn't show a 512km radius radar image from Perth, the radar is most accurate up to 100km from the location, for example Narrogin is about 160k's from the Perth Radar and about 220k's from the Albany Radar, rain disappears before it gets to Narrogin yet it is still raining, if the rain indicator is white over Narrogin it would show as Blue or Yellow over Perth, in summary the 512k radar will only show around 100km's of the coast from the centre of the submitting locations, the 512k Albany Radar is a composite of the Esperance, Albany and Kalgoorlie Radars and the same for up north, hopefully for us here the new Radar which never happens will fire up soon and we here will get better use from it

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