If you are thinking of Buying a Weather Station...........

Post weather station info, fixes, advice and questions in here.
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If you are thinking of Buying a Weather Station...........

Postby nocky » Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:19 am

If you want to buy a weather station then these links are all you need, I bought a cheapie almost 2 years ago on ebay for under $100 and it still works fine, I am thinking of updating so I can have a floating sensor in my trout tanks, I am looking at an Oregon WMR-200 or WMR-100 the 200 is $599-00 but can be found as low as $430-00 on the Net, the 100 is $399.
Some important things to remember are
1) Make sure it has PC connectivity, you can get a station for $70 on Ebay, but no PC connectivity so much harder to keep records

2) Software like Easy Weather and Heavy Weather (they come free with most stations) are OK for just keeping data and records but if you want to upload to the Net then you will need something like Weather Display, this program is the Rolls Royce of weather software, it will cost a one of price of $70 with life time updates, it is also a bit fiddly to set up but a couple of members here can help and also they have an excellent forum, The WMR-200 comes with a free basic version of Weather Display, also some of the La Crosse range come with free internet software, I know the WS-2308 does, and on ebay for around $279-00.
Sanday Software also have a free program Cumulus this works with programs like Easy Weather and comes with free web templates, I used Cumulus for a while and found it quite good.

3) If you are uploading to the internet then you need a good bandwidth package, I use Dodo as an ISP and get 15GB a month for around $40, (if you switch to dodo then contact me so I can get commish :mrgreen: ) as I upload data to Local Weather and Weather Underground plus my web site, I use about 1GB of bandwidth a month, you also need a web site to hold the data, most ISP's supply a free site but you only get 10-20MB of space, with all the other stuff I have on my site plus weather data I have used about 20mb in 2 years, but 15mb of that is photo's etc, get your own Domain and a cheap host, I use Aussie Web Host and costs less than $10 per month, if you pay for 12 months you get a free domain

4) If you are uploading to the net then you will be better off with a second PC as a server, any old PC with 256mb+ of ram will do, it's not a requirement but recommended

The best equipment to buy is Weather Hawk or Davis but these can be over $1000, Wireless system are easier to set up but wired systems give you real time data, wireless systems only send info back to base every 5-45 seconds depending on make.
Other recommendations are, WH-1091 for under $100 on Ebay, La Crosse WS 2308 around $300 also cheaper on Ebay, Oregon WMR 100 or 200 $399 - $400.
You can also get Wireless self emptying rain Gauges from about $30
Some Useful Links
http://www.home-weather-stations-guide.com/ Supplied by forum member Rastus, has heaps of info on buying and setting up Stations
La Crosse also on ebay La Crosse WS-2308
Oregon Scientific The WMR 200 can be found for $150 less, so PM me if interested
Davis Weather Stations
Info on the Cheap WH1091 but find them on Ebay Here the ones you need are around $99 but make sure they are models that connect to PC, you can also see some Wireless rain gauges here as well

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Re: If you are thinking of Buying a Weather Station...........

Postby Vinny » Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:31 pm

Great info Nocky.
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