Setting up new Weather Station

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Setting up new Weather Station

Postby Rastus » Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:52 pm

Hello to Group Members,

My name is Brian Kings of Geraldton
I have only joined very recently and am in the throes of getting things right after having played around with my new W/S for the past week.

The W/S I have is a Digitech XC- 0348 which I bought from a local electronics shop here in Geraldton. These weather stations are also sold under other names such as Maxcom and in the U.S.A. under the name of Zephyr. Possibly I could have paid a cheaper price through Ebay, but I needed the option to be able to return it if unsatisfactory - hence I paid for the priviledge. Not to worry I am quite happy with it, and seems to be capable of generating plenty of data - both on the Base unit as well as on the PC.

The problem I would like to overcome is how to start the W/S right on the hour for recording purposes as things are, I am a few minutes out with every 30 minutes instead of say 12 noon
- it updates at say 11:57 and again at 12:27 and so on every 30 minutes. Not every hour and on the hour so to speak.

I was thinking of removing the batteries and re-inserting them right on the hour - if that is an option or perhaps someone has a better method.

I know the B.O.M. do their rainfall at 9am each day and I was wondering if it would be Okay to use 9am as the initial Startup time for the base as well. I really don't suppose one has a choice. Everything lined up at the starting gate. Eh!

I would like to say thankyou in advance for any solution - which I am sure will be quite a simple one.



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Re: Setting up new Weather Station

Postby nocky » Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:35 am

Brian mine updates every 5 minutes, in easy weather you can set it to update as often as you like, if you can set it for 3 minutes then do a 3 minute update and then change it to what you want when it is on track, I have my station to reset all figures at midnight and rainfall at 9am, I am not sure you can do his with easy weather, try and find reset times in the options, I use a program called weather display, there are many tweaks in easy weather, I haven't used it for a couple of years though so can't remember them all, as mentioned by email you may need to offset the barometer as they are sometimes out a bit, maybe Ozzie can chime in with some more tips

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