Friday 13th Strange Sky in Narrogin

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Friday 13th Strange Sky in Narrogin

Postby nocky » Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:40 am

We had some storms a brewing on Friday and nice cool 18 degrees so was having a beer in the shed instead of outside, we noticed that the fence and tree was a strange orange colour when we looked out the shed door, thinking a fire had started we looked outside and all the sky was orange, a bit like Lerts previous thread photo, in my pic's below through the lower cloud window you can see some nice white cloud much higher that was almost stationary, the lower dark clouds were moving across the sky at a very fast rate, unfortunately my Kodak Box Brownie doesn't do the photo's much Justice, the time was around 8pm and the sky so orange it made everything on the ground have an orange tinge
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