The new era of Australian Storm Chasing

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The new era of Australian Storm Chasing

Postby StormchaserMatt » Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:38 pm

This will change the face of Australia storm chasing to be the better of US generation. We do know we don't have much tornadoes around but still plenty severe storms/supercells especially in eastern states! For myself i would pick the northern tropics monsoonal storm chasing, but the difficult task is our supercells goes as a same time!

My own storm chasing is still called Supercell Hunters. (Mind the 's'). I want to bring the best of Australia to keep safe, excitement and media of those weather situations. As the start i will intend to Uni next year to study Meteorology and Storm Chasing at JCU Townsville. However during the time the new era will be developing. Hopefully when i complete the courses, the new era begins!

This is a list of benefits of the new era of our storm chasing team of Supercell Hunters:
1. Bring the better network of real time warnings and reports.
2. Forecasting techniques
3. Storm chasing suitable vehicle
4. Study/researchers
5. High advanced equipments
6. Real time storm chasing!

Thanks for your time and i hope you understand this. Please advise me if you want to know more information and suggestions aswell.

Supercell Hunters Storm Chaser Leader

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