Possible thunderstorm/rain event for SWLD Tuesday 26th Feb

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Possible thunderstorm/rain event for SWLD Tuesday 26th Feb

Postby radar » Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:57 pm

It's starting to look really interesting for SWLD early next week. At this stage all models are in good agreement that the low currently near the Kimberley coast is going to travel west just off the Pilbara coast without actually developing into a cyclone (too much shear). There is also good agreemnet between the models that we're going to get a deep west coast trough developing down the coast on Monday. GFS and GASP have moisture from the tropical low feeding down from the NW on Tuesday to produce wideaspread showers and storms, possibly turning into rain.

Both GFS and GASP have a low developing on the south coast by Wednesday, although GFS is a little more excited about rainfall prospects than GASP is. I can't check NOGAPS at this stage because of stupid internet fiter at work :roll: but will have a look when I get home.

BOM haven't exactly jumped on board, but they are forecasting thundery showers for Tuesday afternoon and evening. Will be intersting to see how this event pans out. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for a good lightning show on Tuesday night! :D

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