Albany & South Coast, Summer 2012/13

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Albany & South Coast, Summer 2012/13

Postby SimonB » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:55 pm

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Re: Albany & South Coast, Summer 2012/13

Postby mackerelmauler » Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:52 pm

I know it's late but I just got computer access.

Last Thursday I drove from Bremer Bay to Denmark. On the road from Bremer Bay to the South Coast Hway it tried to rain but spitted. Heading closer to Albany I drove in Three decent showers. On the way to Denmark the sun broke through and it got warm rather quickly (turn on aircon in car). As I was approaching the Denmark the sky to the NW was getting darker.

I booked into the Ocean Beach Caravan Park about noon. As I was setting up the camper trailer distant rumbles were heard. Accordingly I put up the walls of the annex which took about 25 minutes total set up. At almost precisely 1.00pm the storm broke and it flashed and banged and splashed. After about 10 minutes the rain stopped but I guess about 10mm had fallen. We had 2 more storms during the afternoon which probably resulted in 5mm+ of rain.

In the evening a storm developed around Peaceful Bay and tracked off the coast. I went to Lights Beach to watch the lightning, That storm was amazing for at least 10 minutes possibly 20 it averaged more than a flash a second. The longest I counted was 7 seconds between flashes. After the 7 second gap there were about 5 flashes almost simultaneously. There so many CC flashes, lots of CG and I even saw a CG from the top of the storm.

The next day a weak cold front was expected. During the afternoon we had a Westerly that averaged around 30 knots with regular gusts to 40 knots. I had to move my car(4WD) around in front of the camper to provide some protection.

On Sunday I drove to Busselton and from Denmark to past Walpole there was a very thick drizzle almost rain. After Karridale it was sunny and quite warm. The front never made it to Busselton.
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