Yeppoon/Rocky weather

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Re: Yeppoon/Rocky weather

Postby Vinny » Sat Jan 09, 2016 2:04 pm

Going to try this year to keep this thread going.
We're moving maybe this year or next to The Gold Coast.

Reading what I posTed last year.DP was way high in late Jan !

Today we had a low of 25.8 deg this morning and a max of 28 deg though there has been a NE seabreeze blowing all night keeping it feeling the same (26) or (25).
This month we have an average of 29.3 deg max and a min of 23.7 deg

We average 8 days of greater than or equal to 30 deg in January.
As long as there is a breeze the dp of 21 deg with 70 percent humidity currently (27 deg feels like 26.5) feels ok. Either that or I've gotten used to it by not running the air con even in dp of 25 deg just fans ! Beach seabreeze maybe is the reason. Dunno if you could go without it further inland (AIR con I mean)

It's been dryish here , heaviest rain is 25 mm then nothing for 3 weeks then 12 mm then nothing.No 50mm or 100mm in one day since ..... January or Feb last year I think. El Nino I suppose is the reason. Still last year was around average for rainfall to slightly below.

Water is very cheap here , I think on the highest tier it is only just nudging 1 buck a kilolitre, we are on 68 c/kl . Dam is 90 percent full as it has a massive capacity coming from the Fitzroy I hear. Barrage is the proper word not dam. Yeppoon used to be on water restrictions through dry summers in the early 2000's but in 2009 I think , (Not sure of exact year) anyway they built a pipeline 40km to Yeppoon so we have a back up supply if our supply from Waterpark Creek goes low.
Yeppoon Annual Average Rainfall is (BOM) = 982.5mm
2012 Yeppoon 976.8mm


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